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How To Make A Good Impression On Your First Date


People’s impression about us on first meeting goes a long way in determining how our relationship with them would be; a bad first impression might lead to a sour relationship subsequently and vice versa. This reason is why we should put extra effort in appearing nice and behaving courteously when we meet someone for the first time.

Good Impression On Your First Date
Good Impression On Your First Date

Be it a business date, a casual date, blind date, or a planned date, there are some guidelines and tips one must follow to ensure the other party is impressed with personality on first meeting. These tips helps you make a good first impression and helps you ensure you build a healthy relationship with the other party irrespective of your meeting’s outcome.

In the paragraph below, we outline the various things to put in place and take cognizance of to ensure you make a good first impression on your first date:

• DRESS NICE – Your mode of dressing to your first date speaks a lot about you. Whether it’s a dinner date or a romantic one, it’s vital to dress in a way that is generally acceptable. Ensure your outfit is more formal than casual and let simplicity be your watch word rather than sophistication.

The simplicity of your dressing helps you conceal your aim of impressing and the formality helps you communicate your respect for the occasion.

A nice shirt well tucked in a pant trouser, accentuated with a belt that matches the shoe, goes well for a male. While for the female a long flowing gown that doesn’t reveal too much skin in an obnoxious manner is just perfect.

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• BE ON TIME – The mistake a lot of people makes is that going early to a date reveals their desperation. This mindset is rather untrue, going late to your first date speaks ill of your personality and paints a very bad impression about you in the mind of the other party. It is essential for you to be on time to a date, except they’re tangible excuses for your showing up late.

You should be in the venue for your date fifteen minutes to the scheduled time, anything later than five minutes after the scheduled time is totally unacceptable. This reason is why you should plan adequately for your date a day or two days before the scheduled date.

• INTERACT – When it comes to a romantic date, it is vital for you to make it lively. Refrain from being the only one talking about you and trying to sell yourself to the other party, it kills the vibe of the date. Take turns to talk about each other and get to know each other better, don’t dominate the talking and make it look like a lecture. INTERACT!

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• MAKE IT LIVELY – Having a great sense of humor and catching on sarcasm easily is one thing that most people find pleasant. To avoid having a boring date with nothing to ruminate and laugh about when you get home, you need to know when to throw in some subtle jokes amidst your important discussion. This little act goes a long way in making a lasting impression about your personality.

• IDENTIFY BOUNDARIES – They’re some things we find uncomfortable to discuss with others, especially if we’re meeting them for the first time. Be it a business date or a romantic date, it is essential to identify these boundaries of the other party and try as much as possible not to cross it. This act helps you make a good impression and prevents the date from ending abruptly.

With the few tips above put into place, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to make a good first impression. Even if the purpose for the date isn’t achieved, these tips would help you build a healthy relationship with the other party subsequently.

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