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How To Win Your Crush’s Heart


If you’re reading this article, then you must either have a guy or a girl you admire secretly, but you don’t know how to make your feelings known. The great news is that at the end of this article, you would have learnt a thing or two that’d help you in your quest of wining the heart of whom your heart desire.

Win Your Crush’s Heart
Win Your Crush’s Heart

Infatuation is far different from love, and if you’re surely convinced that what you feel towards the other party is love, there should be nothing stopping you from going all out for what you want. Money isn’t everything, you’d be surprised how this steps works magic in contrast to trying to impress with money or any other material things. Having said this, we’d be looking into the various ways by which you can win your crush’s heart:

• MAINTAIN CLOSE CONTACT – Once you notice you have feelings for someone, it becomes a task for you to get close to the person. Crushing from afar can’t give you what you want; it would only leave you in forlorn of unrequited love. Establish an avenue for communication with the other party; ensure you keep close contacts and checkup on the person from time to time.

By doing this, you’d make your crush identify you as a go to person when he/she needs to talk, while away time or hangout in general. It is vital to make your crush feel welcomed around you; one of the best ways to do this is by concealing your intention at first, until you’ve successfully built some kind of bond that can’t be easily broken.

• BE MODEST AND PRESENTABLE – No one wants to identify with someone with character or mode of dressings that’s generally unacceptable by the society. This reason is why you should take cognizance of your fashion sense and behavior around your crush and even when he/she isn’t there. This act helps you seem more appealing to your crush, and can earn you an iota of likeness.

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• INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR CRUSH’S INTEREST & DISLIKES – Knowing about your crush is a vital step in wining his/her heart. There are various ways for you to do this, either you inquire directly after you must have created a close contact, or you take him/her by surprise by asking someone close. The reason for this is to have knowledge of those things you can do to earn a soft spot in your crush’s heart and those you shouldn’t do to prevent getting into your crush’s bad book.

• MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR CRUSH FRIEND(S) – It is no lies that your Crush’s friend as a fair share of percentage in their decision to be with you or not. This reason is why you should do everything to get in the good book of your Crush’s friends and ensure you get a good recommendation from them. However trivial it may seems to you, it goes a long way in determining whether or not you’d win your crush’s heart.

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• GO ON DATES/ BUY GIFT – At this point, you need to have made your intentions lucid enough. Buy him or her gift or go out on a date, this act earns you a high degree of likeness in the heart of your crush. It further strengthens the bond and contact you’ve created, making the feelings becoming mutual only a matter of time.

• SHOOT YOUR SHOT – The last and the most important step in wining your crush’s heart is making your intention known directly with the words of mouth. You need to identify the best time, mood, and mode of confessing your feelings directly to your crush; it’s an essential factor that could determine the response you’d get.

Except your crush has got another partner, there’s no reason why you won’t succeed in wining his/her heart if these steps are followed to the letter.

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